Jobs To Do In The Gardens

If you are at he gardens, there are always things you can do to help the gardening community.

A little bit of help from everyone goes a long way. If you are doing something to help, ask your garden neighbour to help out too.


  • Turn over the communal compost piles. Without regular turning, a compost pile won't breakdown effectively.
  • Weed eat common grass areas. Areas around the shed and pathways get over grown with grass. At the very least keep the paths near your plot mown or mulched with wood chips. 
  • Cut long grass and vegetation growing along the fence line.
  • Collect any inorganic rubbish around the gardens and remove it from the site.
  • Hand weed and/or cut grass around the fruit trees at the northern end and apply mulch around the trees. Do not allow the mulch to touch the tree trunks.
  • Mulch around the trees and shrubs in the native planting area at the southern end of the gardens.