Community Gardens Rules

All gardeners are to be members of the Harvest Community Gardens Network

Gardeners are to be familiar with and comply with the Risk Management rules

All plots must be actively gardened during the gardening season (1 Sept to 31 May) and if they are not you will be contacted and have three weeks to get gardening

If you are allocated a plot during winter, you are expected to prepare the ground for spring planting by mulching the area and/or clearing the ground. 

If there is no evidence of the plot being used within six weeks of being allocated, you will not be given any notice and it will be reallocated if there is a waiting list for plots

During the growing season, if your produce on your plot is not harvested, we will email you and request permission to harvest and donate the produce to local charities such as the Salvation Army, Baskets of Blessing and Happiness House

If you make any direct donations to charities, please photograph and email details to us so that we can keep a record of quantities of produce donated to assist us in future funding applications

The gardens run on organic principles therefore no use of sprays, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, snail pellets etc are permitted 

Lime or Dolomite lime may be used. Please check with a member of the gardens’ Committee before applying any other fertilizers. Organic fertilisers such as manure and compost are preferred.

You are expected to take part in working bees and help maintain the common areas

If you are experiencing a pest problem, please consult other gardeners or a gardens’ Committee member for help

No chemically treated timber may be used on site. Only heated treated timber is permitted

Please check with the Committee before constructing anything on site

Raised garden beds, cloches and windbreaks are generally fine. Under the terms of our lease, structures such as sheds and glasshouses, are not permitted without the council’s consent

Any structures must be dismantled and all inorganic materials removed from the site

Please notify the committee if you are going on holiday or will be absent for longer than a month during the growing season

When you cease to be a gardener, your plot must be left in a tidy state, cleared and ready to be handed over to another gardener in a good condition, or levelled and mulched

Garden plots may be shared but not assigned. When you give up your plot, please notify us by email 

The site is to be kept tidy at all times, all rubbish removed and any composting materials kept in a tidy state

Be considerate of others at all times 

If you need to bring your vehicle into the gardens to unload heavy items, please park it where it does not block the driveway access.  Keep the driveway clear so that other vehicles can get through

Diseased plants including those with viruses or untreatable infestations of insects and/or disease shall be removed from the site and disposed of

Please maintain a metre wide strip between your plot and your neighbours' to allow easy access for a wheelbarrow.  There also needs to be a metre wide path at right angles to all the hosepipe stands. 

When digging and/or weed eating the paths, ensure that you know where the hose pipes run. If you accidentally pierce a pipe, repair it straight away.

If you notice a wet spot on the paths, try to locate the source of the leak and repair it.

If you don’t have the proper tools or parts at the time, take a photo of the location and email a description of the location to the garden’s email address and/or post on our fb page. 

If you require reimbursement for parts purchased for repairs, please scan and email a receipt to us with details of your bank account number

Please request authorisation for purchases in excess of $50 

Return all tools to the shed after use and do not borrow your neighbour’s tools without permission

Please do not use automated timers on your plot or leave sprinklers or hoses running unattended. Your hose/sprinkler will be turned off if it is unattended and repeat offenders may have their equipment confiscated.



Download the Community Gardens Risk Managment PDF